CPSIA Announcement: All of our cribs are CPSIA certified.
We have certificates of conformity for these cribs.

Can I buy directly from Lusso Nursery?
No. Our products are only available through many retailers in Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, United States & Venezuela as well as online dealers. To find a retailer in your area please use our store locator link.  The retailers will be able to provide you with pricing, stock availability and other questions regarding Lusso Nursery products.

What safety standards do Lusso Nursery products conform to?
All of our products conform to current CPSC & ASTM Standards.

Is there a warranty on our products?
Yes. All of our products are covered under a 1 year limited warranty. The warranty covers worn parts under normal usage and any manufacturing defects. You must report claims of defect immediately. The warranty begins from the date of purchase and is for the original purchaser only.  Your receipt will be needed for any warranty claims.  Please visit our parts link for additional information.

Are the finishes used safe?
Yes. All of our Finishes are non-toxic and lead free. Refer to our testing results posted on our website.

How can I get replacement parts?
Please visit our Parts Link for more information.

Where can I get Toddler Rails and Adult Rails?
Rails are optional accessories to the crib and are available for purchase through any of our retailers. Simply provide the retailer the model name and country of manufacture and they will be able to assist you.

Can I use a second hand Lusso Nursery Crib?
Before purchasing and using a second hand crib, make sure the product is in good condition. Please visit the consumer safety products website to make sure the crib still conforms to todays safety standards. Also, please ensure you only use the hardware specific to the Lusso Nursery crib you have.

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